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I'll bet you a dollar...

I've been sitting here for hours, trying not to eat the Halloween candy. Not a single trick or treater has come to visit. And now, after all this sweet tea and all these cigarettes, I have to take a crap. What are the odds, do you think, that the very moment I sit down on the toilet...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Controlled demolition is a lie.

Controlled demolition is a lie.

The so-called 9/11 "truth" movement is completely false, completely disprovable. There should be no more talk about this--at all. Continued discussion of these foolish ideas is ruining our national dialog. It's distracting us all from finding real solutions to real problems.

So then, will all you "Truthers" please shut your ignorant, deluded, mendacious pie holes? You're spamming the universe. Shut your mouths, die or go away. You are detracting from human progress. We don't need you; you aren't helping. No one with any sense wants to hear your crap anymore.

Can your shit, truthers. Controlled demolition is a lie.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Teach the Controversy: Pot Cures Gayness

International News Syndicate, Oct. 19, 2007

BOSTON, Ma. - Charles Trimbach a 62-year-old engineer from St. Louis had never used marijuana in his life, but one morning after a three day gay-sex binge, he decided to give it a try.

Once the drug kicked in, Trimbach said, his homosexual desires seemed to just melt away.

"VH-1 was on the television, and I saw that woman Shania Twain. It was like, suddenly I understood what all the fuss was about," he said.

Trimbach is not alone. A study done at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has found that as many as one in three recovered homosexuals attribute marijuana to helping them overcome their same-sex desires.

"Marijuana has a longstanding tradition among folk herbalists, but only now is academic science beginning to understand how powerful a remedy this can be," said Kim Dereksen, co-chair of the Centers for Research in Disturbed Sexualities at MIT. Dereksen and her colleagues have recently begun a five year study into the effects of marijuana on sexual health, subsidized by grants from the National Institutes of Health.

While the study has begun only recently, Dereksen said that early results have been promising.

"We are seeing a marked reduction in disturbed sexual impulses among many of the test subjects. In at least one case we seem to be on the way to a complete turnaround," she said.

The benefits of marijuana therapy may extend well beyond sexual health for many sufferers of sexual disabilities. Trimbach said that his life improved in several ways once his homosexuality was in remission.

"Now that I'm not gay anymore, I feel worthy to show up at church again," Trimbach said. Approximately one half of a marijuana cigarette in the parking lot before services is all it takes to prepare for worship, he said.

As successful as some claim it to be, this cure for homosexuality still has many opponents. Among them is Amid al-Ziwiharjimad, a researcher for the Royal Interfaith Ethical Assembly in Yorkshire, England. Al-Ziwiharjimad said that the trend to medicalize marijuana is not only scientifically unsound, but also dangerous.

"Marijuana is not medicine. It is an extremely addictive drug that destroys lives," he said.

The interfaith assembly, for which al-Ziwiharjimad works, has developed a program to teach younger school students about the perceived dishonesties in the medical marijuana movement. By informing younger children about the dangers of marijuana, and its ineffectiveness as a medicine, al-Ziwiharjimad said that a more realistic understanding of the substance can once again take social prominence.

"We need to remember that you don't smoke medicine. Is tobacco a medicine? No, it's a poison," he said.

However, efforts at informing students about the harmful effects of marijuana are seen by some as one sided.

"Instead of teaching children that something is good or bad, we need to tell them that science is still trying to understand it. We need to show them both sides of the issue. We need to teach the controversy," Dereksen said.


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Temporary iSuck 'about' page

Zeno Izen is a retired mail artist and lyricist. He has achieved nothing notable, and there is no reason for you to read his blog unless you are interested in stark rationalism, atheism, the history of ideas or the future of humanity.

This blog is in the very earliest stages of its development. In time, I plan to have a handful of 'running features' which I will list here. I am also on the hunt for one or two intelligent writers with style and wit to collaborate with me on this, or another, internet-based project.

Hollow Tree Experimental Design Studios is the name of my magnificently disorganized art and publishing company. We've got a whole lot of stuff on the internet, half of which we've completely forgotten about. Here is a collection of the best of it:

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